Live music venues are chosen for the performances which will needs to attract

Larger group of crowd, to add more liveliness in live music performance and it also help to create a fusion of nature and music which ends creating an atmosphere worthwhile.

No walls surrounding the crowd and performer, gives a feel of freedom and unique connection with musical surrounding. These surrounding boost the mood of participants and increase the feeling of togetherness in crowd and performer.

Historically outdoor venues were always preferable for live music shows. The mixing of music with the air and voice of crowd give an adrenaline rush to everyone present at the venue. Due to absence of wall, magnitude of event seems gigantic and it gives people nostalgic experience.

Open air venues are also preferred because due to advance in technology, the theme of harbour view bars Melbourne can be converted in artistic environment and due to enhance creativity, performers can experiments different themes and artistic displays. Due to availability of wide range of option one show can be transformed into multi theme extravaganza. This gives the uniqueness of the event and also personal touch of performer also displayed which helps them to create rapport with attendees. These events can be easily transformed into the different varieties of shows. And people can also have a personal touch in it.  People can feel direct communication with the musician and performers can different performance every time even with same instruments

But organizing a life music venue on this large scale has their disadvantages also. One has to engage large amount of people to organize and run the show. With number of attendees increase, organizers have to ensure the decorum of event should be maintained and harmony among the crowd should be created to avoid any unpleasant incident. Organizing these is tiresome job and many precautions needs to be taken because boundless area needs to be covered in such a way that troubling crowd should be excluded, the security of area needs to be alert and effective. Personals should be deployed in substantial number to for security reason

These open air live events can also be disrupted due to external factors like winds, rain or scotching heat. So finalizing the venue and day is also a tricky job. Countermeasures should also be taken to minimize the effect of these external variables. These also increase the cost and proportionally the risk factor is also high. But ending with successful best birthday function rooms in Docklands, creates a landmark and memorable experience.

Nowadays, advancement in visual equipment, given the new face of creativity to live music performances and not only attendees get to hear higher notes of music but can also visualize the graphical creativity displayed by graphic artists. The beauty of all t these factors lie in synchronizing all the elements in chain of events that make these performances more lively and real-life like show. Having all the tools and venue will never create an environment for memorable events if it is not crafted with creativity and minute detailing.